Rev Richard Huggard

Rev Richard Huggard

Reverend Richard R Huggard was perhaps the most important mover in the history of Barnsley Rugby Club. Rector of the St. Anne's Parish Church, Dungannon 1890-1899 and afterwards at St. John's Church, Barnsley, he was one of the prolific characters in the game. He was President of Barnsley R.U.F.C. from 1905 to 1924

This imposing Ulsterman, as a sideline to his vocation, had Rugby Football running through his veins. At the latter part of the 19th Century, Rev. Huggard was involved in the game in Ulster being President of Dungannon Football Club and President of the Ulster Branch of the R.F.U.from 1897 to 1898. In 1903, Rev Huggard was the Irish touch judge for the Ireland v England game.

He arrived on these shores at the turn of the century and continued his passion for the game. Although not one of the founder members of the club, he arrived on the scene at a very early stage. Upon his reformation of the club from the old Barnsley St. Mary's, Rev. Huggard refereed the first ever game against Wakefield on 5th January 1903. 

He was elected President of the Yorkshire R.F.U.from 1910 to 1913,


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